Mac and Corinna

Some of my favorite photo shoots revolve around gifts. I wanted to find something creative to get my cousin’s children for their birthdays. I love cake smash sessions and I realized that I had never done this type of session with my favorite child models, Mac and Corinna. Traditional cake smash sessions are typically done when the child turns one. I wanted to do something different with Mac and Corinna because they would be turning 4 and 2. I decided it would be really fun to make the cakes with the kids before hand and then smash them.

I wanted the whole thing to be a secret for their mom so I enlisted the help of their grandmother, my aunt. We did it in a couple phases. First we had to make the cake. I couldn’t resist getting chef hats and aprons for each of them. Corinna had a cupcake on hers and Mac had Buzz Lightyear. Perfect for their own individual personalities!
The smash was a blast! Mac was a little tentative at first. He didn’t want to destroy his creation at first. Then he remembered how much he loved that frosting.
Now, to continue the surprise for my cousin, I had to decide what to do with the photos. Since the kids were very active in the process of making the photos, I wanted to do something they could keep, enjoy, and most importantly, not ruin. Photographs look lovely on the wall but for a two and four year old, a tangible product is much better. I love an idea of a book for them but traditional photo book sites only make paper books.  I found this awesome website that makes board books, similar to those that you buy in the toddler section of the book store the pages are cardboard and much sturdier so they won’t get destroyed easily. I used My Custom Story to create the books and I couldn’t be happier!

Disclaimer: I was not paid or perked to use My Custom Story. They just make a great product and I love to share!


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